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Sidewinder 12’6 and 14′

The Sidewinder is the perfect one-board SUP quiver and is available in 12’6 and 14′ versions, and four different widths. It is extremely fast on flat water, and is designed for the chop and swells of the open ocean. Even beginners will have no balance problems on the wider versions.  Carbon or Classic construction. 

Inflatables Jimmy’s blow-up inflatable SUP boards come in five sizes. They are affordable, great for travel, paddling in shallow water, and they are easy to store. Just deflate, roll them up, and throw them in your trunk, in your boat, or on a plane! Comes complete with fin, backpack, and pump. Paddles are available.


Jimmy Lewis Cruise Control PHOTO

Cruise Control All-around (3 sizes) The ultimate and most copied all-around Jimmy Lewis SUP board and continues to be his number-one seller! It is as fun surfing head high waves as it is paddling flat water on small lakes and rivers. Beginner to expert.

Rail for Web

The 14′ Rail is meant for SUP downwind paddling and is amazing at that, but it’s also a great flat water board too! It’s very stable and fast, and comes in Classic or full carbon construction and 26.5″ or 28″ wide versions.

Stiletto LINK

Stiletto Race/Tour 14′, 12’6, and 10’6 for kids. Jimmy’s Stiletto SUP board comes in 5 sizes and is designed to dominate the lakes and rivers. They are very fast, but are also very easy to paddle for beginners to expert. A truly amazing board for paddlers of all skill levels.

Jimmy Lewis Searcher


Searcher 12’6 X 33 1/2″ Touring Board. The Searcher is a wide, fast, and Jimmy’s most stable board for touring flat-water lakes and rivers. Comes complete with tie-down inserts to stow all your gear. Beginner to expert.

Cruise Ship LINK

Cruise Ship recreational board. It’s very stable and easy to paddle for any level of paddler. Available in 11’6, 12’6, and 14′ sizes. All are 29″ wide for stability.

Jimmy Lewis Maestro

Maestro/Maestra  Jimmy’s Maestro SUPs are the perfect boards for learning to ride waves, yoga, and for rentals. They are wide and very easy to paddle for everyone — light or heavyweight, and is extremely versatile.  Great fun on waves and flat water!

Jimmy Lewis Wave SUP Boards:



Hanalei  Waves + All-around. Thruster fins. Waves over head high will have this board feeling right at home but it’s also quite capable and surprisingly fast on flat water too. If you dream about surfing but want a board that won’t hold you back if there are no waves to be seen, this board is for you! Intermediate to expert.


Wave Boards. These are the surfer’s dream boards. The larger sizes are OK on flat water, but the real magic happens when the waves are waist-high or larger. Intermediate through expert level paddlers – you know who you are.

Jimmy Lewis Hover Craft

Ready to progress to the next level? The Hover Craft may be for you!

All of Jimmy’s shapes have a very wide range of use, so you won’t be held back with a board that will limit you no matter which models you choose!

When you choose to buy Jimmy Lewis boards over other brands, you’ll be assured that the decks will not go soft, the rails and edges will not chip or dent from paddle hits, and the finish will stay looking good for many years. Yes, they are a little more expensive than some brands, but the money you spend now will be more than worth it in the end!

Your dealer will help you decide which board is right for you. They are all very knowledgeable and you can trust them to get you on the correct board for your needs and ability.

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