SUP Paddles & Accessories

Paddles Jimmy Lewis paddles are designed in association with Jim Terrell of QuickBlade

“Jimmy Lewis Signature”  The JL Signature paddle is designed by Jimmy himself, for a better responding paddle. It has a more squared outline and pulls incredibly smoothly without flutter or ventilation!

Blade width: 7 7/8″. 

Fixed length

$279.99 fixed length.


$299.99 adjustable.

The Jimmy Lewis paddle blades are molded with a fiberglass/foam sandwich and the shafts are fiberglass with comfortable and very tough ABS handles. The handles are so tough that you can use the handle end for balance when you need a crutch to poll through rocky launches saving your blade. These paddles have much more flex than carbon designs, allowing you to paddle longer without getting tired and they are very easy on your shoulders. The flex allows the paddle to recoil at the end of your paddle stroke and the release provides an extra boost of power.


Carbon Paddle

JL Carbon Paddle

JL Carbon BladeJL Carbon Handle

Carbon Fixed-length Jimmy Lewis Signature: $499.99 Includes full length paddle bag ($39.99 value!)

Weight Carbon: 556 grams (at 82″ length).


Leashes 500Board Leashes $39.99:

  • 9′ Ankle (best for waves).
  • 6′ Coiled Calf  Race.

Leashes are premium quality, with swivel, and key pocket.  No warranty is expressed or implied on leashes.

NOTE: We highly recommend replacing your leash every season. Leashes from all manufacturers have a limited shelf life, so replace them often for extra safety.  Never trust your life to a leash, even if it’s brand new as they can and do, fail without warning. We cannot stress this enough!


Paddle GripPaddle GripClick here for a video explaining how to install your paddle grip.

Paddle Grip: $14.99

Protect your paddle with a padded bag: $39.99

Paddle Bag

Blade protector: $19.99 

Blade Bag

Jimmy Lewis Tracker Fin

The photo above is an actual shot of our testing grounds on the Nottawasaga River. The Tracker fin on the Sabre did not pick up a single weed and passed through this mess without even slowing down! Don’t try this with other so-called weed fins or you’ll be stuck solid.Tracker FinTracker Weed/Race fin: $149

Jimmy Lewis Hats



Here’s what Jimmy has to say about the new fins: “All of my fins are honeycomb center this year. T means they are LIGHTER.  I learned from Tom Wegener (  that light fins (neutral buoyancy or close to it) allows the board to perform much better.  Back in the mid ‘80s I was one of the first board makers to actually put a decent foil on fins on windsurf boards.  Most people have no idea how important the foil of the fin is to the performance of the fin and board.   An incorrect foil will spin out, not create enough lift, cause too much drag, many negative things.  Fins are not ONLY about the outline, which many fin makers concentrate mainly on.  It’s ALL about the foil.  I’ve designed all of the foil shapes of all of my fins.  Normally I’m not interested in having anyone offer their designs for my brand.  I’ve done very well for 45 years doing MY designs on boards and fins.  Lee Brittain of Rogue Wave Custom boards showed me a design for a fin that liked a LOT and it’s used on my downwind boards now.  Lee drew the outline of the Tracker fin.  He also did the Tracker II fin and the U-Boat race fin.   With the combination of having FUNCTIONAL templates (no gimmicks), hydrodynamic foils and lightweight construction, my fins are the hottest thing on the market.”