Sabre, Slice, Blade II

Jimmy Lewis 14' Sabre Race SUP

Covering long distances is almost effortless on this thoroughbred model and it’s shaped for uncompromising speed. It is magically light, and as with all other Jimmy Lewis boards, it’s built to last.

The rounded bottom, sharp nose, and clean tail shape allow the board to glide through the water with what seems like no resistance. Every paddle stroke propels you farther than you’d ever thought possible and you’ll be smiling during your entire trip!

Suitable for athletic beginners all the way to expert-level paddlers.

Dimensions: 14′ X 27″

Volume: 275 liters

Thickness: 6″

Weight: 12.3 kg (27.2 lbs).

Colours: Orange, Red, Gray

Fin: Tracker 8″

Jimmy Lewis Sabre Photo

Lee’s Performance Tip:

I find that the Sabre likes to have her nose as low in the water as possible, so stand with your heels at the front of the carry handle slot, but not too far forward. In chop, you can move back a bit to free up the nose. You’ll be amazed at how many strokes you can get before switching sides with the Sabre. She’s one fast board!

Sabre Jimmy Lewis photo

If you’re looking for a fast board that is more stable in choppy conditions or waves, check out the M-14.


Jimmy Lewis Wins his division of the 2012 Orange Bowl Championships!


Here’s a YouTube video of the Sabre on a glassy day in Canada. Check out the speed he’s getting without even trying!

Jimmy Lewis Blade II Photo

The Blade II is Jimmy’s latest race board design and is one of the fastest boards in its class. The flat bottom, rounded rails, and sharp nose makes the board as easy to ride as it is fast.

The sharp nose pierces waves easily and holds the board in a straight line. You can paddle many strokes before switching sides, and when you want to turn, just step back a bit and it turns on a dime (great for rounding marks)!

Even though it’s shaped for uncompromising speed, the Blade II is surprisingly stable and intermediate riders will have no problems balancing it no matter how choppy the water is. As the board tips, the full rails make the board more stable which inspires confidence in all conditions.

The extremely light-weight hull features Jimmy’s signature construction for incredible durability and strength. No other boards on the water are as tough and light as Jimmy’s!

Size: 12’6 X 29″

Volume: 280 Liters

Weight: 27.4 lbs/12.42 kg

Colours: Red or Green.


Lee’s Performance Tips:

Stand as far forward as possible to make full use of the piercing nose, then step back if it gets choppy, or you want to turn. The Blade II turns on a dime and is very stable when rounding marks. She’s one of the fastest 12’6 boards on the water, but is fun and easy to ride — I love this board and you will too!Blade II side view lee


 Jimmy Lewis Blade II side view Photo Lee Brittain

Blade II bottom Lee
Jimmy Lewis Searcher and Blade II photoJimmy Lewis Blade IIJimmy Lewis Blade II Fin Photo

Blade rounding mark

Jimmy Lewis Slice SUPJimmy’s 12’6 Slice is a sleek displacement hull with lots of vee in the nose to break up the nastiest chop and a flatter mid-section for speed and stability. The edges are very round from front to back for maximum speed and minimum drag.

It’s as capable in monster swells as it is on flat water if you’re an experienced paddler. It catches waves easily so you can ride the bumps for long periods. For a true down-wind board, check out the Mission or the M-14.

The slightly recessed standing area keeps the center of gravity low for a fast and comfortable ride.

It has great speed for touring long distances and if you want to race, this is one of the fastest out there. For a dedicated flat-water race boards, check out the Blade II, or the Sabre 14’er

Only master shaper Jimmy Lewis could shape a board with such clean lines and refined curves as seen on this board — its lines are pure beauty and the performance matches its looks — super hot!

Rider ability: Intermediate to advanced (lightweight or aggressive beginners will enjoy this shape).

Rider weight: All

Colours: Red or Yellow

Dimensions: 12’6 X 30″

Volume: 285 liter

Weight: 27 lbs

Inserts are installed in the deck for a standard bicycle water bottle holder (available at any bike shop).Jimmy Lewis Slice

Lee’s performance tip:

To get the best speed out of the Slice, stand with your toes close to the front of the deck pad so that the entire length of the board is in the water and the nose is “just” out of the water, or goes under from time to time. For more stability, you can move back a little so that your feet are beside the carry-handle slot. In waves, of course, you’ll move into a surf stance and step farther back to let the board glide without catching the nose.

Jimmy Lewis Slice in action