Rail and M-14

Rail for WebJimmy Lewis RAIL Photo

Jimmy Lewis Rail photo

Rail 14′

The Rail is Jimmy’s favourite down-wind shape after testing many different prototypes on the famous Maliko run on Maui. Available in 100% carbon for maximum performance, or Classic construction. The bottom shape is a subtle double concave, leading to a slight vee in the tail.

Jimmy has spent a lot of time getting the rocker just right, so that it’s fast, but won’t pearl or stick. It is one of the smoothest riding downwind boards ever designed! After a lot of testing in Canadian waters, we’re happy to announce that this is one fast board, even on flat water and will keep up to all but the very fastest flat water race boards. It’s a great one-board quiver — if you want one board that can handle whatever conditions you throw at, it’s the one!

Which width? The wider 28″ version is very stable and will catch smaller waves easier due to the added surface area. The narrower 26.5″ shape is faster on flat water, but is still much more stable than the width would suggest, and is the choice for experienced paddlers.

Construction: 100% Carbon, or Classic

Length: 14′

Width: 28″ or 26.5″

Volume 28″: 290 liters Weight Carbon: 11 kg (24.6 lbs) with fin.

Volume: 26.5″ 270 liters

Price Classic Construction: $3149 Price Carbon Construction: $3799


Jimmy Lewis M-14 Downwind SUP PhotoThe M-14 and the M-12’6 down-winder boards are  designed for down-wind riding on swells and it’s great as a flat-water board too! Even if there are no wind or waves, these are excellent all-around boards —  super-fast and very easy to paddle.

This board picks up the smallest bumps and the rocker lets the board glide smoothly down the wave face without sticking the nose. The harder rails in the tail add planing ability, and extra stability.

The M-14 and M-12’6 are quite stable for their width and even beginners will have no problem with balance no matter how choppy the water is!


Length: 14′

Width: 28″

Thickness: 6.3″

Volume: 290 liters

Weight: 24.6 lbs/11 kg.

Colours: Red, Orange, Ice Blue

Price: $2999 CAD


Length: 12’6′

Width: 28″

Thickness: 5.5″

Volume: 232 liters

Weight: 19.6 lbs (8.89 kg) Weights may vary.

Colours: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue

Price: $2899 CAD

Lee’s Performance Tips:

This board is one of my favourite all-round shapes because it can handle any conditions you throw at it. Waves? No problem — she catches waves as little as a foot high. Flat water? It’s surprisingly fast due to the length and narrow outline. Don’t let the narrow width fool you – this board is fairly stable in all conditions, even for beginners.

You can stand with your heels just forward of the handle cutout in flat water, then move back as you catch the bumps.  On flat water, balance the board so the tail is just slightly off the water for maximum speed.

Did I mention that I absolutely love everything about this shape? You can stare at her gorgeous lines for hours – she’s truly a thing of beauty. Only Jimmy Lewis designs such purely beautiful boards.

Jimmy Lewis M-126 photoM-14 red right-rear view

Jimmy Lewis M-14 Photo

M-126 Jimmy Lewis photo




Jimmy Lewis M-14 photo



Jimmy Lewis at Maliko Gulch with Rail and M-14

M-14 in action 1000pxThis video was done by one of Jimmy’s retailers showing the M-14 in action: