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We are looking for good dealers in select locations across Canada.Authorized-Dealer-sticker small

Lee Brittain, president of Rogue Wave Custom Ltd., has been in the water-sports business for well over 30 years and has been working with Jimmy directly since 1993. We pride ourselves in working with our dealers in an easy-going and professional manner. We have intimate knowledge of all the boards we sell and literally know them inside and out.

We offer protected areas and unparalleled dealer support. Jimmy’s boards are, to our knowledge, the only standup boards that offer an industry-leading 3-year warranty.

You must be a dedicated, full-service shop with knowledgeable and trained staff offering lessons and/or training.

Large discount-stores need not apply. We only deal with shops who support the surfing culture, lifestyle, and mentality.

 Our reps:

Central Canada: Brent Ackland Phone: 705-718 2408 e-mail:

Western Canada: Chris Adamache Phone: 250-217-2726 e-mail:

Please take a little time now and read Jimmy’s state of the industry page.

When you sell Jimmy Lewis standup boards you’ll never hear this about them:

“My board is almost new but it’s already getting soft”. Jimmy’s boards are rock-solid and are built to last a lifetime.

“The rails on my board have chipped from the paddle and are already scratched.” The finish on Jimmy’s boards is hand rubbed and polished, and is easily the toughest on the market for high-performance boards.

“My board is almost too heavy for me to carry and paddles like a log”. Jimmy’s boards are very light and are built using the finest materials and techniques so they are not disposable. The construction used in Jimmy Lewis boards spares no expense to be the strongest, lightest, and best-performing boards on the water.

Jimmy Lewis boards have the finest shapes and the best construction in the world from the famous Kinetic factory in Vietnam. They are a solid investment that will make you and your customers very happy. Unlike some of the cheap boards on the market, Jimmy’s board packaging is second to none and shipping damage is virtually unheard of.

Please e-mail or call, for information on minimum orders and to see whether you qualify to become a Jimmy Lewis dealer in Canada.

“lee at”, or 705-429-0318.

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