The Jimmy Lewis Mission (formerly “Albatross”) long-distance board was created for paddlers who are looking for a fast board that is very stable and easy to paddle.

It is easy for anyone to ride — step on and paddle away like a pro even if you’re a total beginner!

It tracks very straight making it possible to paddle many strokes before switching sides. It’s one of Jimmy’s most popular shapes for recreational flat water paddlers and is at home on any lake or river, and especially, the open ocean.

The volume distribution and bottom shape makes this board ultra-stable even in cross chop and boat wakes. The nose rocker lets the board glide smoothly over swells in down-wind runs and the hard rails in the tail let the board plane on the smallest wave. You can surf waves on this board (in a straight line), and make long, drawn-out turns, but it’s not designed for quick turns on the wave. See the Cruise Control, or the Hanalei for true all-around surfing boards.

12’6″ x 29 1/4″ x 5″ thick

Volume: 235 liters

Weight: 28.2 lbs/12.79kg (with fin).

Rider ability: Beginner to advanced.

Inserts are installed in the deck so you can add a bungee tie-down system to stow your gear for those long missions.

Lee’s Mission Performance Tip:

For maximum speed on flat water, stand with your feet at the very front of the deck-pad. For more stability, you can move back a little bit from there. If you’re riding a swell, move way back to keep you speed up once you catch the wave.

Mission side view lee

Older style graphics


Mission side view lee-2


Here’s a shot from Facebook of a Mission sharing a wave with a Striker.