Maestro for WebThe Maestro is designed to be one of the easiest boards to paddle in the entire Jimmy Lewis lineup (second only to the Searcher). You almost have to work at it to fall off!

It has 213 liters of volume which makes it the perfect platform for riders on waves and flat water no matter how heavy you are. It is great for practicing yoga too. You’ll be able to ride the smallest of waves easily with this board and with the thruster fin setup, it turns on a dime.

Giggle factor = 10! This board is just so much fun to goof around on for kids and adults alike. The full deck pad makes freestyle a breeze and adds extra protection from abuse.

Maestro 9’9

The Maestra 9’9 Jimmy’s answer to people who want a slightly smaller board than the Maestro 10’3 for waves. It performs just like the Maestro, but is a little smaller and lighter.

Length: 9’9

Width: 33″

Thickness: 4 3/8″

Volume: 180 liters

Price: $2299 $1299 (one left!)

Jimmy Lewis Maestro Photo

Shane on Maestro