Flyweight for Kids

Jimmy Lewis Flyweight photo

As with all of Jimmy’s boards, this model has a very wide range of use, so it’s fun on flat water and in the waves.

This board is great for kids and smaller people up to about 100 lbs.(It’s also a fun little surfboard for mom and dad).

The full length deck pad will let the kids use the board in many different ways.

The construction is extra-durable, and super light, which makes it very easy for the kids to carry and ride.

Get them started off right!

Dimensions: 8′ X 26″

Volume: 87 Liters

Fins: Thruster Tri-fin

Colours: Light red, or blue.

Price: $1699 CAD/$2749 Carbon

Flyweight side view lee


Flyweight bottom angle lee


Flyweight side view lee-2Cole Hewitt Flyweight 2013Flyweight

Jimmy Lewis Flyweight in action