SUP Construction

Get what you pay for, with Jimmy’s amazing standup paddleboard construction.

Jimmy Lewis’ boards have the finest epoxy SUP construction in the industry, bar none. They are made exclusively in the Kinetic factory in Vietnam where they’ve been building boards for decades and no expense is spared to make Jimmy’s boards the strongest and lightest in the world. Jimmy’s boards are built to last a decade or more, and the hand-polished finish is crafted like a fine automobile. Jimmy’s inflatable boards are made in China at one of the industry’s top factories.

Don’t make the mistake some people make thinking a cheap board will be “good enough”. You will end up buying a good board eventually, why not get the best the first time? You’ll end up saving money in the long run, and that’s just smart!

Jimmy Lewis Boards on Vimeo.


James Chen, who owns the factory, says this about his board-building philosophy  “I make the boards so that the customers are happy. If the customers are happy, the dealers are happy. If the dealers are happy, the distributors are happy. If the distributors are happy, then I am happy!”

Jimmy started shaping in 1968. Here is one of his very first boards.

Then…Jimmy Shaping Vintage

and now…Jimmy Lewis Factory

Jimmy Lewis Factory -2

Jimmy Lewis SUP Fin box Reinforcing photoThe solid foam reinforcing around the fin boxes, is just one of the hidden details that shows the care that goes into the construction of all of Jimmy’s boards. The fin boxes are custom made, and the fins fit perfectly.

JL 12'6 BottomAbove: A new prototype already shows Jimmy’s beautiful lines.
Jimmy Lewis FactoryThere are more than 200 people employed at the factory. Quality is of utmost importance and the workers are paid not by their speed, but by the quality of their work. Happy workers equals happy customers!Jimmy Lewis FactoryCareful detailing is evident in every board and you will never find a single flaw.Jimmy Lewis Factory
Jimmy Lewis Factory

FACT: The precision of the boards is unmatched in the industry and has extremely fine tolerances. The all-important rocker line is accurate to within a millimeter or two of the way Jimmy designed it. No other board builder can even come close to matching the quality control and accuracy from this factory.
Jimmy Lewis Factory

Special weaves of fiberglass are custom ordered with Kinetic’s secret yarn specifications. This cloth is designed to make the boards lighter and stronger than ever before possible. The Airex high-density foam used in the sandwich is the finest (and most expensive) available in the world. It is much stronger and more resilient to impact than any other type of construction method used in high-performance boards.

Jimmy Lewis FactoryJimmy Lewis FactoryThe modern factory is well lit, clean, and well ventilated. A great place to work!Jimmy Lewis SUP Factory

Jimmy Lewis SUP Factory

Each detail is checked and re-checked before going on to the next station. Flaws in the boards simply don’t exist.

Jimmy Lewis Factory

The finishing takes many hours of labour and comes out perfect every time. With the super-tough paint finish on Jimmy’s boards, there is no chance that UV rays will get through to the fiberglass laminations and break down the epoxy even after many years of exposure to the sun (something to think about for anyone contemplating a board with a cheap sanded-off carbon finish)Jimmy Lewis U Boat Construction PhotoJimmy Lewis U-Boat Construction Photo

Jimmy Lewis SUP Factory

Ready for final packaging and on their way to you!

The boards are all packed with high-quality packing materials so your board is guarantied to arrive in perfect condition. The cardboard boxes (not shown) are of extremely high quality to withstand almost any abuse.

Questions? E-mail us and we’ll be happy to explain every detail!