Info on the 2018 models coming soon.

Jimmy’s latest flat water race board and is designed to be the fastest board on the water, period. Both the U-126 and U-14s are available in 25″ or 27″ wide, which makes them perform like no others. If you’re a racer, or just want the absolute fastest flat-water board out there, you’ve found your machine.

Bred for speed – warning: highly addictive!

Construction: All-Carbon with full Airex sandwich top, bottom and rails.



U-126 for web9.4 kg

Width: 25″ 223 liters or 27″ 240 liters (metallic orange).

Weight: 9.3 kg (20.6 lbs)

Price U-126: $3699 (CAD) Full-carbon sandwich Construction.


U-14U-14 web

Weight 14′: 10.3 kg

Width: 25″ 271 liters or 27″ 293 liters (metallic blue).

Price U-14: $3849 Full-carbon sandwich Construction.


Jimmy Lewis on U-boat

Da Man himself!

Jimmy Lewis U-boat photo

Perfect form.

TJ Pivot turnU-Boat Jason Ruttan 860IMG_9080IMG_9032

U-Boat Jason Ruttan 2

Early morning mist in Wasaga Beach on board the U-boat.

IMG_9000IMG_8950Stacey on U-boat

from FB 34 BOP 2014 BuzzyHere’s a great video featuring the U-14: https://vimeo.com/99883041