Twin Tip

Footstrap mounting instructions below…


With proper care, your Jimmy Lewis board will last for many seasons of riding pleasure. Here are a few tips that will help you take good care of your Jimmy Lewis board.

We highly recommend keeping your board in a padded board bag made with reflective or light-coloured material when transporting and storing. Make sure that you dry your board before storing it in the bag for any length of time. If you leave it wet, the paint can blister due to osmosis.


Twin tip boards are made using a closed-cell foam, so dings or holes are not as much an issue as with surfboards and standup boards. If you do get a hole, you should seal it up with epoxy as soon as you can.

Check the fin and footstrap screws each time you ride, or at least at the start of every session. They tend to loosen with vibration, and you don’t want to loose a fin or have to ride back to shore with a loose footstrap. If you are having a problem keeping the screws tight, you can use blue Loctite, or similar thread locking compounds available at most automotive or hardware stores.

Footstrap screws are Imperial threaded (not metric) – 1/4 X 20 stainless steel

Fin screws are #10 X 24 stainless steel


Assembling the footstraps and pads:

Screw the stainless steel self-tapping screws into the plastic mounting units through the underside of the footstraps and through the large stainless backing plates (photo below) .

Note: the new footstraps use light-weight washers, not the large plates shown in the photos.

8 screws in total for both footstraps:

Then screw the footstraps onto the board through the footpad holes using the 4 (3/4″ X 1/4″ X 20) machine screws included. It’s as  simple as that!

Make sure that all screws are very tight, and check them regularly!

Enjoy your Jimmy Lewis boards!

If you have any questions about care and maintainance of your Jimmy Lewis board, e-mail us and we’ll be happy to help!