Kite-Surfboards Support Page

With proper care, your Jimmy Lewis board will last for many seasons of riding pleasure. Here are a few tips that will help you take good care of your Jimmy Lewis board and it applies to all other brands too.

We highly recommend keeping your board in a padded board bag made with reflective or light-colored material when transporting and storing.

Boards can get hot enough in the sun to delaminate and/or soften up the adhesive on the deck pads, so try to keep them as cool as possible. Boards are not warrantied against damage caused by excessive heat.

Warning: Do not store the board in a wet bag! Dry it out before leaving it in a bag for any length of time to avoid paint blisters and mold.

Installing the fins:

Use a standard surfboard hex key to tighten down the set screws in the Future fin boxes — DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN! The screws only need to be snug to hold the fins in — it’s better to leave them a little on the loose side than to over-tighten and strip the threads. If you do strip them, you can easily re-tap them to the next larger size screw. The stock size is #10 X 24 — the next size up is #12 X 24. Any good hardware store can sell you a tap , drill bit, and stainless set-screw for under $10.

If a fin box has any cracks that might allow water in, it should be replaced.


If you choose to use the footpads supplied with your board, put a small pencil mark the centerline of the board so you can center the pads and line up the footstrap screw holes. Make sure the deck is free of any wax or dirt before peeling off the paper backing and sticking down the pads. After they are in the correct position, push them down firmly in all areas to insure that they bond well to the deck.


If you choose to use the supplied footstraps, use the  #10 X 1″ stainless screws and the washers supplied and install them in the holes you desire. Experiment riding the board with the straps in different positions until you find the perfect  point where the board feels balanced and smooth.


If you happen to ding your surf board enough that it might leak water, you must seal it before riding! Plastic tape or epoxy putty can be used temporarily, but you should have the board repaired professionally ASAP. Duct tape is not recommended except as a last resort.  Five-minute epoxy can be used in an emergency but it will have to be removed before a proper repair is done (it doesn’t harden up enough for a solid repair).

Enjoy your Jimmy Lewis boards!

If you have any questions about care and maintainance of your Jimmy Lewis board, please e-mail us and we’ll be happy to help!