The Sidewinder is an all new all-around board that does it all. It’s designed to be the fastest and easiest board to ride, no matter what the water conditions are! It’s very fast on flat water, but when the chop is up, you’ll find it to be very stable and forgiving. The rocker is designed to not pearl on the wave face, and there is virtually no wake behind it!

They come in two lengths, and different widths, so you can pick the size that suits your weight and style perfectly. Everyone who’s ridden one loves it and the graphics are second to none.

Sidewinder all views

Sidewinder Jimmy Lewis Photo

12’6 X 27″

Sidewinder front side view LeeSpecs 12’6:

12’6″ X 25″ 235 liters
12’6″ X 27″ 253 liters Weight Carbon: 8.26 kg (18.2 lbs)
12’6″ X 29″ 272 liters Weight Classic: 10.8 kg (24 lbs)
Colour: Yellow/Grey
Price 12’6:
Classic Construction: $3149
Carbon Construction: $3699

Jimmy Lewis Sidewinder PHOTO

Sidewinder 14 X 27″

Jimmy Lewis Sidewinder PHOTOSpecs 14′:

14′ X 23″ 253 liters
14′ X 25″ 274 liters
14′ X 27″ 297 liters Weight Carbon: 10.7 kg kg (23.5 lbs)
14′ X 29″ 319 liters
Colour: Red/Grey
Price 14′
Classic Construction: $3299
Carbon Construction: $3899

Jimmy Lewis Sidewinder photo

Race winner Martino Rogai

Martino Rogai on Jimmy Lewis Sidewinder

Martino Rogai on the 14′