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Jimmy Lewis Hover Craft 2018

As always, Jimmy Lewis is on the cutting edge of technology and here is the latest board. The Hover Craft was shaped by Marlon Lewis who is one of the innovators in foil board performance. You can choose from Tuttle mounting or plate for the foil. You can also order them with a mast track so you can windsurf the board when there are no waves.

(Foils are not included)

7’3″ X 30″ X 3.75″ (105L) $2599 (Carbon $2999)
7’9″ X 32″ X 4.1″ (130L) $2699 (Carbon $3099)
8’5″ X 33.5 X 4″ (144L) $2749 (Carbon $3149)

Special price on Go Foil Makiko and Ke Nalu Iwa. Email, or call for details.

Hover Craft Review

Foil Surf

Sneak peek at the latest board from Maui. Photos to come as they become available.

The Foil surfboard is the latest design from Marlon Lewis, and can be ordered with a plate or Tuttle mount for your foil.

5’4 X 18.5 X 2.8″ 37.2 liters $1399
5’10 X 19 X 3.1″ 45.7 liters $1399
6’2  19.5 X 3.3″ 52.4 liters $1399
Chris Bertish on Jimmmy Lewis foil boards:

Hover Craft on Maui